Renard & Rhonda McGhee

My passion for photography was fueled at a young age by my love for travel. I loved the way photographs allowed me to capture memories and vividly relive moments that have long passed.

I have been shooting professionally since 2010. Today I run a streamlined operation along with my wife based in Upstate South Carolina.

We believe photography is still an evocative way to portray a narrative. What’s your story? Are you a couple wishing to capture the essence of your devotion? Are you looking to establish yourself as a competent professional and stand out from your colleagues? Or is your story one of a journey from adolescence into adulthood, bidding farewell to the child you once were and embracing the adult you are becoming? We have the tools, creativity, and passion it takes to tell your story.

Take a moment to tell us a little about you. We would love to discuss how you want to tell your story.

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